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The 2016 Lychee Season has Arrived. Sweet HeartTM and Mauritius Fruit are now Avaialble!!

Finally, after nearly a month of delay the first lychee fruit is ready to pick. We will have the Sweetheart and Mauritius variety at both our locations in Davie at the Broward Palms Nursery at 1981 SW 127th Ave. and at 475 Lyons Rd, West Palm Beach, Florida. We can be reached at

(844)- LYCHEES (844) 592-4337

Although the fruit season is over a month late in coming it is shaping up to be better than 2015. The ever popular Sweet HeartTM fruit will be available in moderate quantities and we are very pleased about this. Everyone has been asking for Sweet HeartsTM and last year the demand was far greater than the supply. This year we will have Sweet Heart, Mauritius, Brewster, Emperor and Kaimana available well into July.

We will begin shipping Sweet Heart fruit this coming week beginning June 19th and continue to ship the other varieties into July until the fruit are finished. The Sweet Heart lychee is an amazing fruit. It is large, heart shaped, generally red, if it has been exposed to sun, amazingly sweet and all of the seeds are tiny. This means that you get a lot more fruit than the other larger seeded varieties. Biting into a chilled Sweetheart lychee is a remarkable and memorable tasting experience.

This is not to say that all of the other varieties are not delicious. They all have different characteristics. The Mauritius has a slight sub acid sweet (tart) flavor and its’ fragrance sometimes has a floral rose scent. The Brewster is very juicy, has a delicious sweet flavor and the Emperor fruit can become so large that there are as many as 10 fruit to the pound whereas lychee fruit normally range from 18 – 22 to the pound.

While the 2015 Lychee season turned out to be okay, compared to prior years it looks like the 2016 fruit season may be a moderately good one. The progression of excessively warm winters have contributed to disappointing crop yields in past seasons. Statistically, this situation cannot go on forever and 2016 could prove to be an okay season as a result of this past winters chilling, albeit late bloom.

Please Select Next Day Air or SECOND DAY AIR Shipping unless you are in Florida. If you live outside of Florida please DO NOT select Ground shipping. If you live in Florida feel free to call us and we will arrange for the less expensive ground shipping (844) 592-4337 or (561) 577-6135.

Please note that ordering is from our parent website


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Fresh Sweetheart Lychee Fruit Click Here:

Sweetheart Fruit Cluster Sweetheart Fruit Cross Section
A Cluster of Sweetheart Lychee Fruit.   A Cross Section of Sweetheart Lychee Fruit.

To Order Mauritius Lychee Fruit - Shipping June

Fresh Mauritius Lychee Fruit Click Here:

Mauritius Lychee Fruit Cluster
A Cluster of Mauritius Lychee Fruit.


In the short video Bill provides a tour in the Sweet HeartTM grove and demonstrates how to eat a Sweet Heart.

Many lychee enthusiasts have requested a tutorial on how to propagate lychee trees via the method know as "air layering" or marcotting. Air layering involves stripping a circumferential section of bark from an appropriately shaped branch and applying an enclosed container of rooting material, generally sphagnum moss. Within the air layer the exposed edge of cambium begins to differentiate into lateral roots. After about 8 - 10 weeks this container is full of roots and is capable of surviving independently as an individual tree when removed from the parent.

The following video demonstrates how this first step in propagating a lychee tree is easily accomplished. To view this tutorial click on the following link https://youtu.be/_381-2CKdAA.

For the first time we are offering Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus undatus). Perhaps many of you have observed this fruit for sale in the specialty fruit department of some supermarkets.

A dragon fruit is a form of tree climbing cactus that has a beautiful night blooming flower. The flower resembles the head of a dragon when in full bloom and for this reason the "dragon" name. There are many varieties and the fruit is very attractive and delicious.

Commonly chilled and served fresh this attractive fruit has mild combined tastes of pear, kiwi and watermelon adding to its culinary versatility.

Dragon fruit is high in fiber, low in fat, high in antioxidants and is purported to have many other health benefits.

By the way it also makes a famous "Dragontini"

A Dragontini Gold

Try a delicious Dragontini
A refreshing exotic Dragontini
Click here fot the recipe

The fruit is packaged in 5 lb boxes and must be shipped 2nd day air or 3 day select. Refrigerate immediately upon receipt.

NOTE ALSO: Fruit orders cannot be combined because we cannot always ship them at the same time. If you want to order Longan fruit with your Dragon fruit,
To Order To Purchase Fresh Dragon Fruit Click Here

Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit and cross section.

Past experience has taught us to be very careful in predicting lychee or any tropical fruit crops. Expressions like “don’t bet the farm” and “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” are all too true in agriculture and we have learned the hard way many times over so it is that we do not want to get overly optimistic. The accommpanying videos show the progression of the fruit from flower to partially developed fruit.

It is interesting to note that if one reads old copies of the long defunct Florida Lychee Growers Association journal you realize that most of the lychee cultivation in Florida, during the 30s, 40s, and 50s was in the Sarasota and Highlands County area. A succession of hard freezes in the 1960s caused most all of the lychee tree plantings to move into Miami-Dade county (Homestead). A very similar situation happened to the Florida citrus industry, where a succession of hard freezes drove much of the citrus industry from central Florida further south. There was a point in time , many years ago, where citrus was grown as far north as Tallahassee. The collapse of the South Florida real estate market and the low prices paid for lychees were two major factors responsible for the disappearance of many small groves in Miami-Dade and Broward County.

With the growing popularity of lychee fruit and the corresponding increase in demand for the product, prices paid to growers are improving and we expect this will lead to more extensive plantings in agricultural zones that are changing. Many areas where field landscape or citrus groves were planted are adaptible to lychee cultivation. With vacant land prices low again it is our hope that more serious growers will emerge.

One of the major challenges facing anyone who wants to start a lychee grove is the capital investment and relatively long time required to reach financially sustainable production levels. It takes at least seven (7) years before the trees come into full production. This is Florida and seven years is a lifetime when one considers the various kinds of natural disasters that can occur. Hurricanes, hard freezes, floods, pestilence, low prices, accidents etc. are among some of the natural challenges that present themselves to prospective growers. Still, when your first crop materializes it is a great day and all of the years of waiting are worth it.

The upshot of all this is that if you plan to grow lychee fruit you really need to have more than one tree. Even in some of the bigger northern groves there was only about 20% fruit set. I usually recommend that prospective growers plant out two of each fruit variety to insure production throughout the 6 – 7 week season and it is a well known fact that lychee trees set more fruit when in the presence of other varieties. This is especially true with regards to Mauritius lychees.

The reason for the above described situation is that lychee trees put out different flower types during the progression of the flowering event. Typically, lychee trees will initially put out male flowers followed by female flowers. If Brewster and Mauritius trees are out of sync then the probably increases that there will be viable pollen when the receptive stigma of the female flowers emerges. To learn more about this read the article on lychee tree flowering Flowering in Lychees

I still continue to hear a very common question: “Why didn’t my lychee tree bloom this year. This is the third year in a row. What am I doing wrong?”.
The answer to this is a bit counter-intuitive. I often tell fellow growers that the trees in our grove that fruit every year, fruit every year. What does that mean? Trees which produce fruit get “pruned” when the fruit is picked. Lychee fruit is harvested with a pruning shears as one usually clips a panicle from the terminal end of a branch several inches below the beginning of the panicle base. This induces a growth flush which in turn sets the growth flush clock to a known period of time, thus increasing the probability that the trees will enter the winter months in a state of dormancy so that if there is a cold spell when buds are beginning to emerge the buds will morph into bloom spikes.

Even if your lychee tree produces no fruit any given year you should always prune it post harvest. The middle of July is a good time for this activity. In areas where lychees are grown commercially this process is often accomplished with a commercial hedging machine such as what is used to hedge citrus trees.

The Brewster bloom this year is modest. The bloom this year came in mid January through mid February, and the fruit is repining normally. It typically, requires about 90 days for the fruit to mature once the fruit has set. That being said I would expect this Brewster fruit crop to become available in mid June.

Our Sweetheart trees put out a moderate bloom this year as a result of the cool days in January and February.

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In this 5 minute video Bill shows the two different types of lychee trees in this grove (Sweetheart and Mauritius). He demonsrates the difference between Sweetheart and Mauritius fruit and shows how to determine fruit ripeness. The clip ends with instructions on how to peel and eat lychee fruit, for those who have not yet had this marvelous experience.

New Featured Article - "Lychee Growing Best Practices"

This illustrated article by grower Bill Mee answers a lot of questions regarding the successful growing of lychee trees. This article puts forth the basic "rules of thumb" for getting lychee trees to grow fast and the overall cultural practices that will keep them growing and fruiting consistently. The article shows graphic details of what you should do and what not to do.
To read the article Click here

If you are a grower of lychees or just love the fruit and want to ask come questions offline please call Bill Mee at (954) 648-6020.

Click here for directions to grove

To purchase Sweetheart lychees click here: Purchase Sweet HeartTM Lychees

The Mauritius is a popular commercial variety with a larger seed, but a very pleasant sub-acid sweet flavor. It is typically an earlier variety than the Brewster.
To purchase Mauritius lychees click here: Purchase Mauritius Lychees

To View Photos of Sweet HeartTM lychee fruit: Sweetheart Fruit Closeup

The Mauritius is a popular commercial variety with a larger seed, but a very pleasant sub-acid sweet flavor. It is typically an earlier variety than the Brewster.
To purchase Mauritius lychees click here: Purchase Mauritius Lychees

Lychee Extract May Reduce Abdominal Fat: Study
A recent study conducted in Japan at the Department of Medical Management and Informatics, Hokkaido Information University, concluded that a low molecular weight polyphenol (Oligonol) from lychee may reduce abdominal fat in people with metabolic syndrome.
To read an extract of the article Click Here
to read a summary of the article in NutraIngredients.com Click Here

Featured Lychee Recipe - Grouper with a Lychee Chile Veloute
View Recipe and Preparation Procedure  - - Master Chef Peter Krause has created a marvelous recipe using fresh lychee, grouper and chile. The recipe is brilliantly illustrated in painstaking graphic and audio detail. In all of our years of collecting and compiling recipes, that incorporate lychee, we must flatly say that this is the very best yet and sets the platinum standard for lychee cuisine. Come and feast your eyes and palate on this masterpiece. We convey our enthusiastic gratitude to Peter for sharing his recipe with those of us who love lychee.

Featured Lychee Article
Learn the Particulars about Lychee Flowering  - - Almost every one who grows a lychee tree asks the same question: Why doesn't my tree bear any fruit? This is a common problem with lychee trees and the answer and solution make for an interesting discussion. This article, divided into 5 parts, explains the morphology of lychee flowers and will help both the backyard grower and commercial farmer in identifying essential characteristics of bloom pannicles as well as methods to overcome the reluctance of lychee trees to annually bloom.

Featured Lychee Product: Fresh Lychees, Kai Lychee Vodka and Emperor Lychee trees

The Sweet HeartTM is the very popular new fruit type from Homestead that has a large fruit and a small seed and as is considered one of the finest lychee fruit by everyone who has tried it. Last year the fruit was so popular that we sold out as soon as it became available. This fruit is very rare and hard to come by, but we have a very special arrangement with the primary grower.
To purchase Sweetheart lychees click here: Purchase Sweetheart Lychees

The Mauritius is a popular commercial variety with a larger seed, but a very pleasant sub-acid sweet flavor. It is typically an earlier variety than the Brewster. To purchase Mauritius lychees click here: Purchase Mauritius Lychees

The Haak yip (Black Leaf), is another very large fruit with a small seed. It shares many characteristics with the Sweetheart and is felt that the Sweetheart may in fact be a hybrid of the Haak yip. To purchase Haak yip lychees click here: Purchase Haak yip Lychees

Emperor Lychee Trees: After many years this rare variety of lychee is now available again. The Emperor lychee tree is a very unique variety. It has a more diminuitive habit of growth than the Sweet HeartTM, Brewster or Mauritius and is especially suited to container culture.

Unlike most all other varieties the Emperor seems to be more tolerant to drying out, because of it's very vigorous and extensive root system. The Emperor is easily distinguished from other lychee trees by the smaller leaf size. The fruit tends to be quite large and is characterized by prominent bumps on the pericarp (skin).
To view Emperor Treea and fruit click here: Fruiting Emperor trees and fruit

Lychee Information Center
Free Lychee Information  - Browse dozens of tips & articles about lychees including their origin, nutrition, varieties, propagation, planting, many aspects of growing lychee trees, soil conditioning and the soil food web. Some of the articles are written by us, some are submitted by guest contributers and others we have reprinted from a variety of government and non-profit organization websites that have great information about lychees already written. As part of our ongoing effort to provide you with a central source for lychee information, new articles are added at least once a month.  Browse Articles

Free Lychee Bar & Restaurant Finder
Lychee Bar & Restaurant Finder - Are you looking for a good lychee martini? If you are looking for a bar or restaurant that serves lychee drinks or lychee dishes near your home, office or travel destination, the Lychee Bar & Restaurant Finder can help. The establishments are grouped by state and provide phone numbers, addresses, type of establishment and whether they serve lychee dishes, drinks or both. You may also submit a new listing for a restaurant, bar or nightclub that serves lychee dishes or drinks.  Find a Bar or Restaurant

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