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MycoStim Root Treatment - 1lb Powder

MycoStim Root Treatment - 1lb Powder

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MycoStimTM is an organic, microbial soil innoculant and root biostimulant that contains Mycorrhizae beneficial fungi that colonize plant roots and greatly increase the roots surface area and ability to absorb nutrients and water. In addition, the fungi protect the roots and innoculate the soil against diseases and pathogens.

MycoStim is excellent for growing lychee and other tropical fruit trees. It is essential to growing healthy lychee trees in containers.


  • Disease Resistance
  • Plant Quality, Yields and Vigor
  • Water and Nutrient Uptake
  • Soil and Root Quality


  • Plant Decline and Loss from Disease
  • Need for Irrigation and Fertilizers
  • Time to Produce a Healthy Tree


  • More Extensive and Healthier Roots
  • Healthier Plants
  • Faster Growth
  • Soil Regeneration



Mycorrhizae: A blend of 8 super strains of endo and ecto mycorrhizae that are adaptable to a wide range of soils, pH, plant species and environmental conditions.

Tichoderma: A naturally occurring fungus found in disease suppressive soils.

Beneficial Bacteria: Agressive root colonizers that form a protective barrier around the root and promote growth.

Biostimulants: Amino acids, vitamins, sea kelp, humic and fulvic acids are added to promote and stimulate root growth and provide a jump-start to a more natural soil ecosystem.



For Established Trees: Make a solution by mixing 1 cup of MycoStim per gallon of water. Punch holes into the root zone and pour MycoStim solution into the holes.

For Planting Trees: Shake MycoStim onto the root ball and into the planting hole. Use 1 cup per inch diameter of the trunk of the new tree.

For Planting Seeds: Shake about 1 tablespoon of MycoStim in with the seed and cover with high quality potting mix.

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